*cough*cough*blog search*cough*

Posts, Tags, and Blogs (Oh My)While everyone else is boozing it up..err.. I mean getting ready to network and do some business at the SES conference, it is with great pride that I steal a bit of their thunder and give you a brief intro to some new features on the BOTW Blog Directory. And why shouldn’t I steal some thunder; I’m the one that put in the countless sleepless nights toiling away on it. Yes, dear friends, while everyone else is away at the Ball, I get to stay home and mind the shop/sweep the floor/do the dishes/make sure the sites are running and nothing is crashing etc.

In any case, if you load up the blog directory at http://blogs.botw.org you’ll notice that you’re now able to see and search through the majority of posts from the blogs listed in the directory. Not only that, but you can search for posts by “tag” (ie how the author chose to categorize their post) and you can also search by blog title. We also threw in the latest searches being done on the site and all of the hottest tags (ie what the majority of authors are tagging their posts as).

All this of course is beta and your mileage may vary, especially since we will be dedicating some equipment to the cause to boost performance instead of sharing it with other applications as is being done now. So there will be some growing pains in the near future, but I think it gives you a taste of what we’re doing and where we’re going. Yahmon!


One Response to “*cough*cough*blog search*cough*”

  1. Jim Kukral says:

    Nice new feature! Hope it takes off. I’ll be using it.