Don’t Miss IM Spring Break

For some of us, it has been way too long since we enjoyed an MTV style “Spring Break.” Gone are the days of the wet t-shirt contest and mechanical bull riding… or are they??

From April 2-4, there will be an extremely fun and (dare i say) educational Internet Marketing Event. IM Spring Break is open to only 200 attendees to ensure a comfy and cozy setting – perfect for establishing strong friendships and trusted business partnerships. And while I cannot promise that there will be any bawdy or risque activities, I can promise that the scene in sunny South Florida will be laid back and relaxed – with a notably fun and intelligent crew of speakers and attendees. Representatives from Yahoo, SEOmoz and Best of the Web will be in attendance. And you do not want to miss hearing from keynote speakers Rae Hoffman (SugarRae), Neil Patel, and Chris Winfield. Other key participants include Loren Baker, Frank Watson, Todd Malicoat, Li Evans, Carolyn Shelby, Brent Csutoras, Joost deValk and top Digg user ZAIBATSU.

The Hilton Resort in Deerfield Beach, Florida will act as the hub for all Search Marketing training sessions and workshops, as well as other conference events. So after you are finished learning from some of the brightest and most talented speakers in Search Marketing, you can take a 5 minute ride to the beach. If you aren’t much of a beach bum, feel free to sit down at the poker table with other attendees or enjoy an open bar – poolside at the hotel. Name of the game is to learn, network, and have fun…

So if you haven’t already booked your ticket to the “Sunshine State,” you better get on it Now! For more information and to reserve your spot at IM Spring Break – visit Events@IMBroadcast.

BOTW Economic Stimulus Package

Mr BOTW Goes to Washington
In keeping with the trend, the good folks at Best of the Web have decided it must be time for an economic stimulus package of our own.

The original plan was to publish Brian Prince’s ATM PIN and card number… but that’s still under discussion, as someone pointed out:
-1- This might not be entirely legal.
-2- Everyone involved would be fired.

Meanwhile, until we get that ironed out, we’re offering a nice discount on submissions to Best of the Web.

March Promo Code
Save 25% on all Web and Blog Directory Submissions during the month of March! Promo Code: SAVE25

Thank you for flying Best of the Web. ~ RobJ

BOTW Affiliate Wins 46″ HDTV

buzzhead logoOur Resellers and Affiliate partners are extremely valuable members of the BOTW Team. We are lucky to have such a savvy group of marketers committed to reinforcing the BOTW Brand and we’re glad to have the opportunity to show our participants how much we appreciate them.

So last month Best of the Web ran a promo that included it’s biggest discount offering of the year – 25% off all products and services in the BOTW Directory, Blog Directory and UK Directory for the entire month of December. In addition to slashing our rates by a quarter, we also paid at least a 25% commission to BOTW Resellers and Affiliates on all referred sales.

Thanks to the “BLIZZARD” promo, it was a great month for all… but it was an especially awesome month for the top affiliate earner, “Matt L” from Seattle based marketing firm BuzzHead, who not only received the highest commission payment, but also won the contest prize – a 46″ Samsung HDTV!! As intended, Matt was able to use the 25% discount to help resell BOTW’s popular listing services, and also refer a bunch of online sales using affiliate links and banners. It was this combination that enabled Matt to refer the most “Blizzard” sales and win the big screen HDTV. Kudos Matt and congrats on a job well done! We are happy to reward this type of performance with something significant around the holidays.

Seeing as how the “BLIZZARD” promotion was such a hit, we hope to offer similar ventures in the coming months. So keep a “look out” for BOTW’s promotional emails and a watchful eye on this blog.

And finally, many thanks to the affiliate partners, resellers, and customers who were able to take advantage of last month’s discount offer. Without your continued support, we would not be able to offer such cool prizes and continue to press forward in providing the Internet community with useful and relevant search tools.

BOTW Affiliates: Promote “BLIZZARD” and Win a Big Screen TV

Tis the season to eat, drink and be merry. Unfortunately, not everyone can be so merry when times are as tough as they have been. But that’s no reason to just eat… or drink… Best of the Web is helping do it’s part in spreading cheer to all webmasters, site owners, marketing agencies and of course… to their valued Resellers and Affiliate Partners. If you haven’t already heard, BOTW has pulled out all the stops in promoting the year’s biggest savings. This month’s Promo Code, BLIZZARD, will discount all new directory submissions and sponsors by 25%.

This is the biggest discount offering of the year and if you happen to be a valued BOTW Reseller, you can take advantage of this opportunity to promote the “BLIZZARD” special, drive more sales, and earn even more money through the Best of the Web Reseller Program.

And to sweeten your holiday spirits, we have a bonus. The affiliate who earns the most commission by promoting the “BLIZZARD” discount will also win a brand new 46″ Samsung HDTV!! (model LN46A650)

Use the images below to help promote the “BLIZZARD” discount on your site, and increase your chances of winning the new HDTV. At the end of the month, all commissions will be calculated, and the affiliate who has the highest commission will be contacted via phone or email to claim their new HDTV.

Remember – this is a limited time offer. The “BLIZZARD” Promo and HDTV Giveaway contest will end on December 31, 2008. Get started today!

For additional banners and tiles to display on your website or blog, please visit

Hands Across the Water (and other curses)

Phinding a Fysician….
Once on a whitewater canoe trip in the wilds, one of my friends lost a fight to a rock in the channel at high speed. The resulting gash required stitches, so we headed for the nearest town… basically a grocery store and a few houses. Seeing no medical clinic, we went to the grocery store to inquire.

You're not from round here

The owner was kindly, but education wasn’t one of his strong points. As he helpfully opened the Yellow Pages under “D” to find the address of the nearest doctor… he suddenly drew a blank look and said none were listed. We suggested he look under “Physician“.

He flipped the page… to the section beginning with “F”.

Countries Separated by A Common Language
Looking for something on the web yields similar problems. You need to search the term that’s actually present, and it doesn’t hurt to have it spelled the same way. Unfortunately, if you’re in the UK you are sometimes hampered by evidence the colonials elsewhere can neither spell nor call things by their correct name.

If seeking legal specialists… US-based editors will likely have placed the “Solicitor” you’re seeking under “Lawyer” or “Attorney“. Meanwhile someone in Wales is searching “Barrister” with limited success.

BOTW Kicks the Yanks Out of the UK
OK, not physically, but we did decide that our customers and clients in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and the Republic of Ireland might be better served if our taxonomy didnt assume you spoke and spelled like US citizens. Simply a matter of dealing with reality. We decided to add some local color (or in this case… colour).

A new group of editors was hired to overhaul the UK & ROI portions of the directory, and the new editors are natives of the area. There is simply no substitute for firsthand knowledge of the language and idioms (or the geography for that matter… it doesn’t do to have a non-native try to handle Regional: London).

Our Thanks to Resident Magician
The credit for the work goes to a relatively small but strong UK team led by “Merlin”… and in our opinion they bring to mind the Churchill phrase once applied to the RAF… “Never have so many owed so much to so few….” Once complete it will look like everyone’s UK section would look if they’d only had a decade to think about it. Special kudos to GavinK, Robo, Rzan, Specop, and others involved in this massive effort.

Who Benefits?
Well, besides making it easier for surfers to find what they’re looking for, it probably has a benefit to our clients in making their sites more findable. Seems like a win-win for everyone. The work is ongoing, but feel free to stroll the UK area of the directory and let us know if it seems better, or if you see areas of concern. We value your input. :-)


Rob Jones
(aka: The “good” Rob)
Proud Member of “The Nerd Herd”

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