Editors Needed

In our effort to provide users with the most relevant sites, and the best directory possible, the key responsibility lies in the hands of our editors. The editors ensure that the categories contain relevant sites, with good titles, and well composed descriptions. A site is judged by the content that it provides to the user. If our content fails to live up to the expectations of today’s user, we have not done our job, and chances are not good that we will see that user again.

In our efforts to build a quality, comprehensive directory, we place this open call for editors. Successful applicants will have previous directory editor experience – preferably with one of the big boys. Most of the editors that we have working with the project have editing experience at DMOZ, Yahoo, Looksmart, About.com, and Suite101.

Editors with experience are paid .25 per site that they add to the directory. If you have no previous editing experience, but think that you would still be a great fit, please let us know – we are always looking for good people, and would be willing to make special arrangements for special people. If you are interested, let us know here, or if you prefer, email us .

Strengthening the Ranks

We took a big step in September. We have always run the shop lean and mean. It has enabled us to get this far, growing the directory with a small full time staff, and relying on the bulk of our free sites additions, “fsa”, via our freelance editors.

At the end of September, we took on the help of an additional 5 full-time editors. Over the course of the next few weeks, the new editors will be brought up to speed with the BOTW guidelines, taxonomy, and goals. This should prove a big help with the growth of the directory, allowing us to add even more sites on a daily basis. By the end of Q4, we should be adding between 1500-2000 sites per day.

So, a warm welcome goes out to the newest members of the BOTW editorial community. Keep an eye on our daily What’s New to keep track of our progress.

Skeleton Crew

Understanding that there is more to life than just working, we strive to maintain a healthy balance of work/play. Happy worker bees make for productive worker bees…

A majority of the core staff, executive team, and editors are out playing for much of the month of August (all paid vacation, of course). So if things seem a bit light this month, please bear with us while we recharge our batteries a bit. The final quarter of 2005 promises to be exciting, and we need our full strength..

Good People

Best of the Web is all about the people. We are an ecclectic group – a diverse culture with varied backgrounds, educations, beliefs, and ideas. We encourage free thinking, promote autonomy, and provide a challenging and exciting work environment. By maintaining an open, rewarding, and fun environment, we consistently attract and retain some of the greatest people in the industry.

Currently, we employ a full time staff of seven, and have 50+ paid editors. Our editorial staff draw from years of experience at some of the most influential and prominent industry resources, including:

If you have previous editing experience in an online directory and would like to get paid to edit for BOTW, let us know. If you would like to learn more about our employment opportunities, please visit the BOTW Employment page.

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