BOTW Makeover

new BOTW designSince the launch of the directory in its current form, we have maintained a pretty simple look and feel. In the interests of providing our users the information in a timely fashion, and in an un-cluttered layout, we strive to offer the directory in a clean and intuitive manner. This minimalist development style anchors our development vision, and we will continue with this philosophy in the years to come.

But just because we’re simple doesn’t mean we can’t be pretty. Kudos to the development team on completing the arduous task of a full site redesign. From my limited knowledge of coding, I know that any development project is always 10% inspiration, and 90% perspiration. Good job to all those who put in the sweat.

Some of the redesign highlights:

  • an enhanced What’s New page
  • a much better looking monthly archive page – see October
  • more visible category sponsors – see Business
  • a sweet new logo!
  • Stay tuned – more cool things on the horizon.


    2 Responses to “BOTW Makeover”

    1. Sheila says:

      I love the new look. Very nice, yet not too busy. Good job!

    2. [...] We saw tremendous growth in 2005: listings grew five-fold; membership tripled; our editor base grew to more than 100 editors; our sponsorships grew ten-fold (thanks largely in part to the free trial); we completed the redesign of BOTW; we launched the BOTW blog directory; we launched the BOTW Media network; and, we finished a complete update and overhaul of our technology. [...]