Championship Weekend

Like millions of other Americans, today I will kick back and watch NFL playoff football. While not an ardent sports fan, I do enjoy the excitement and urgency that comes with the playoffs. With the season riding on every play you can count on the stars bringing their A-Games. The players kick it up a notch, the fans foam at the mouth, and the media goes nuts. It’s a perfect slice of the American pie.

Earlier this morning, I spent some time reading up on the big games. While most of the “experts” seem to agree on who will win, any football fan knows that anything can happen come game time. So before the games start and your eyes are glued to the boob-tube, take a minute looking at some of the resources for today’s teams:

Denver Broncos
Pittsburgh Steelers
Seattle Seahawks
Carolina Panthers

And I’ll go on the record picking Denver over Pittsburgh, and Seattle over Carolina. Two weeks from now Seattle takes it all at SuperBowl 40 in Detroit.


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