Promo: Discounted Directory & Blog Submissions

May Promo: $25 off BOTW Blog or BOTW Directory Submission
Talk about a title that makes the rest of the blog post anticlimactic… just figured every once in a while we ought to post the executive summary version. Title says it all, if you use the promo code you get a $25 discount on sites submitted to the directory(s).


By the way, if you were already toying with submitting, this is a great chance to do it… as for example that drops the price on a BOTW Blog Directory submission to $50. A 33% break is pretty special. As far as the regular directory goes it isnt as large a percentage, but if a penny saved is a penny earned, Ben Franklin woulda gone nuts for this idea.

—- if you’re on a drivel free diet, snip here —-

Now that you’ve decided to save $25…
Let’s discuss what you should do with the extra $25 you *aren’t* spending. I’ll toss my top 10 suggestions, none of which involve sending it directly to me, though if you want to do that I’m game too.

Top 10 Alternative Uses for the Spare $25

  • 10- Send $25 to Public TV and demand they play Monty Python all day Sunday in return
  • 9 –  Get 25 items from the McD’s Dollar menu and invite co-workers to a black-tie dinner
  • 8 –  Tip the fire outta that cute bartender… should pay for itself in free drinks later
  • 7 –  Get the Celestial Steed and impress your World of Warcraft friends with the new mount
  • 6 –  Pay full market value for all 2500 of my wife’s Beanie Baby collection
  • 5 –  Make a downpayment on shipping 2500 Beanie Babies to someone really evil
  • 4 –  Get that thing on late night TV that’s “Only $19.99!” and
    • finally make real Juliann Fries
    • fix those nagging scratches on the car
    • get those 6-pack abs you always wanted
  • 3 – Upgrade to the Pro Account on Flickr and get unlimited storage
  • 2 – Finally take that “defensive driving online” course that’ll lower the insurance rates
  • 1-  Buy unexpected flowers in hopes of getting several of the above items later

If you have more to add, you’re welcome to put them in the comments section. Bound to be some stuff I missed. Aside from that, we hope you put the money to good use.

Best wishes ~