Listed in the BOTW Directory?

Some time ago if a web marketer wanted to know details about a site it could take hours to investigate. How many links does a site have? How many pages does a site have cached in Google? How old is the site? What is the site’s Alexa rank? It was enough to drive you nuts!

Fortunately where there is a need, there is typically a savvy business person to step in and fill the gap. Enter Aaron Wall and the SEO for Firefox Extension. By simply downloading and activating the extension, interested marketers can discover a plethora of details about any given site, providing some understanding to the search engine listings.

We are pleased to announce that the super-cool SEO for Firefox extension now includes details about BOTW listings. Included amongst the host of features, web marketers can now see if a given site has been listed within the BOTW directory. Very nice!

Find out about all the features here (make sure to watch the instructional video). After learning more about the extension, download and activate it, and take your insight to the next level. And don’t forget to chech out the rest of the SEO tools provided by Aaron – the keyword suggestion tool is ingenious.

Happy surfing!