Customer Plus-Delta

Knowing what your users think about your product or service can prove to be a crucial role in the success of your offering. Is it solving their needs? Easy to use? The only way to know is to ask.

The goal of the BOTW Directory is pretty straightforward. Build a comprehensive directory of quality, relevant sites. With so many chefs in the kitchen, there are times when things don’t go quite according to plan. Listings get added that shouldn’t have been, or sometimes they get placed in an inappropriate category. It’s tough to keep an eye on everything – with so many moving parts, you just can’t be everywhere, all the time.

The quality of our listings is our number one priority. We endeavor to provide our users with relevant information from quality sources for their chosen topic.

This morning, we launched our Category Feedback. At the bottom of each category, there is a link that leads to a feedback form. If during your travels through the BOTW Directory, you stumble across a listing out of place, you catch a typo, or find something else out of whack, please let us know. We are always open to ideas on how to improve, and we rely on user feedback for future development ideas.

So don’t hold any punches – we’ve got thick skin. Let the feedback fly.

Lend a Hand

In a departure from our stance on the Web Directory, we have opened up the Blog Directory to volunteer editors.

We unofficially launched the volunteer program about 10 days ago, and have since received more than a few applications. Now that some of the bugs have been worked out, we felt we would officially announce the volunteer editor program. (Not to suggest all the bugs have been taken care of.)

So what is it, and why should you care?

The goal of the BOTW Blog Directory is to build the most comprehensive collection of quality blogs online – a colossal undertaking. Much like the BOTW Web Directory, each listing in the Blog Directory must meet a set of minimum listing criteria. In a nutshell, all listings must contain unique content, and be relevant to the category in which they are listed. By holding ourselves to a high level of listing criteria, we are able to consistently provide our users with timely, relevant results from the blogosphere.

Blog Directory Editors should be experts in their respective field of editing. We are looking for people who are active bloggers, proficient in their area of interest. Ideally, you’ll have some experience editing at other directories (DMOZ editors welcome!), be an active member of other online communities, and generally feel very comfortable online.

Please don’t see this as an opportunity to stuff your blogs into the directory. First of all, you don’t have to become an editor to get your blog listed. Just submit it. It’s free, so you don’t need to feel compelled to put on some big charade to get your blog listed. Secondly, editors don’t get special priviliges to stick any blog they want in. Every blog enetered has to meet the minimum site criteria, regardless of the owner. Any editor that abuses the responsibility will be dismissed.

Of course, you are allowed to put your own blog in – provided it meets the guidelines and is relevant to the category. You can put all your friend’s blogs in too. And every other blog you find that fits the bill. That’s what we are looking for. Once again though, any editor that abuses the responsibility will be dismissed. We refuse to compromise on the quality and integrity of the directory.

So why should you care? Well, you have the opportunity to get in early on what promises to be a fantastic project. You’ll be able to work with some pretty cool people building a valuable resource. If that’s not enough, editors are given an Editor Page on the BOTW domain where you are free to list personal details or other projects you are involved in. Additionally, you’ll be able to add it to your work experience, and impress all your friends and coworkers ;)

Though the editor forums are a little thin, and the editor wiki still needs some attention, we are off and running. As it goes with any new project, I don’t know how this will ultimately pan out. But you are invited to come along for the ride.

Find out more about becoming a Blog Directory Volunteer Editor.

San Jose Bound

August marks a much anticipated conference for the BOTW crew. SES San Jose always proves to be one of the biggest and best search conferences of the year, and this year promises to live up to the hype. With Eric Schmidt keynoting, it should be standing room only.

Perhaps it is the fact that the conference lies in the backyard of the big boys. Or maybe it’s the weather that draws the crowds. Perchance it’s the big parties thrown by Yahoo and Google (rumor has it that Yahoo will not be throwing a party this year). Whatever the reason, San Jose seems to pull a large crowd, ready to learn, network, and have a good time.

BOTW will be there with an expanded crew, and a super cool new booth. As expected, we will be handing out some cool shirts. Additionally, back by popular demand, we will be handing out the BOTW tank tops in pink and black for the ladies. Make sure to drop by our booth, #810, to get a shirt, talk shop, or just hang out.