Category Sponsors

All hail the category sponsor. We love ‘em. You should too.

There are certain webmasters and companies that are not content with simply having their site listed in an authoritative, relevant category. Some webmasters want specific text in their link. Others may want more control over their description. And yet others just want to be at the top of the page. Whatever their reason, a certain portion of the webmaster community sees the intrinsic value in a top-of-the-page, category sponsor. And they are willing to pay for it.

Though we permit webmasters greater flexibility in category placement on sponsors, the listings are placed in a relevant category, and help users find the information they are looking for. Chances are that the category sponsors are quality resources. Webmasters typically don’t pay to highlight their poorest offerings (those are typically submitted via the free, non-commercial route). Additionally, sponsors still have to pass the editorial judgement of staff – we don’t let non-relevant, poor quality sites in.

Through the revenues generated via the sponsorship program, we are able to hire additional editors, who in turn contribute thousands of sites monthly. Each month, as the sponsorships and submissions continue to grow, we continue to increase the editor program. Without the growth of these two products, we would only be able to add a fraction of the sites that we do now.

In an effort to nurture the sponsorship program, we launched the 60 day free trial offer in August of 2005. The success of that offer has resulted in many of our categories selling out of available inventory, and we have received many requests from webmasters to open up the categories for additional sponsors. So, with great pleasure, today we added an additional spot in the category sponsor area of each category – bringing the total number of advertising slots to three per category.

The top spot (1st slot) is $10 more than the second and third spots. We have already filled more a handful of the more popular categories, so if you are interested in taking advantage of a free online advertising offer, don’t hesitate – the best spots fill quickly.

And remember to visit the sponsors when you are surfing around the Internet. Without all those companies out there willing to pay for advertising rates, the Internet would be a shell of what it is today. To quote Ice Cube, “Don’t hate. Appreciate.”

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