BOTW Town Hall Meeting - Town Hall
Last week, Webmasterradio was kind enough to lend us the talents of Ms. Write, to help us host a Town Hall meeting. It was a chance to make ourselves accessible to the webmaster community, as well as tell Sarah and the Webmasterradio listeners about all the great stuff we have going on.

This marked the third interview we have conducted at Webmasterradio – I think they have all gone well, and I am glad that we have had the opportunity to reach out to the webmaster community. I look forward to additional media opportunities in the future.

Check out the BOTW Town Hall meeting. (Adjust your speakers, the intro is loud)

Strengthening the Ranks

We took a big step in September. We have always run the shop lean and mean. It has enabled us to get this far, growing the directory with a small full time staff, and relying on the bulk of our free sites additions, “fsa”, via our freelance editors.

At the end of September, we took on the help of an additional 5 full-time editors. Over the course of the next few weeks, the new editors will be brought up to speed with the BOTW guidelines, taxonomy, and goals. This should prove a big help with the growth of the directory, allowing us to add even more sites on a daily basis. By the end of Q4, we should be adding between 1500-2000 sites per day.

So, a warm welcome goes out to the newest members of the BOTW editorial community. Keep an eye on our daily What’s New to keep track of our progress.

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