Editors Needed

In our effort to provide users with the most relevant sites, and the best directory possible, the key responsibility lies in the hands of our editors. The editors ensure that the categories contain relevant sites, with good titles, and well composed descriptions. A site is judged by the content that it provides to the user. If our content fails to live up to the expectations of today’s user, we have not done our job, and chances are not good that we will see that user again.

In our efforts to build a quality, comprehensive directory, we place this open call for editors. Successful applicants will have previous directory editor experience – preferably with one of the big boys. Most of the editors that we have working with the project have editing experience at DMOZ, Yahoo, Looksmart, About.com, and Suite101.

Editors with experience are paid .25 per site that they add to the directory. If you have no previous editing experience, but think that you would still be a great fit, please let us know – we are always looking for good people, and would be willing to make special arrangements for special people. If you are interested, let us know here, or if you prefer, email us .

BOTW Makeover

new BOTW designSince the launch of the directory in its current form, we have maintained a pretty simple look and feel. In the interests of providing our users the information in a timely fashion, and in an un-cluttered layout, we strive to offer the directory in a clean and intuitive manner. This minimalist development style anchors our development vision, and we will continue with this philosophy in the years to come.

But just because we’re simple doesn’t mean we can’t be pretty. Kudos to the development team on completing the arduous task of a full site redesign. From my limited knowledge of coding, I know that any development project is always 10% inspiration, and 90% perspiration. Good job to all those who put in the sweat.

Some of the redesign highlights:

  • an enhanced What’s New page
  • a much better looking monthly archive page – see October
  • more visible category sponsors – see Business
  • a sweet new logo!
  • Stay tuned – more cool things on the horizon.

    New Blog Interface

    We have decided to switch from a MovableType interface over to a WordPress platform. WordPress has proven to be a superior product, and we are proud to use WordPress as our blogging platform.

    We are in the process of putting together some development for blog, but for the immediate future, we will be sticking with the Kubrick template. In the meantime, make sure to check back frequently. The next few weeks promise to be pretty exciting on the BOTW front.

    Viva Las Vegas

    wmw_spons.jpgThough we have become conference regulars, the WMW Conference to be held in Las Vegas November 15-17 will mark our first exhibitor appearance. We have booth 309 reserved, and will be there with an expanded presence. Accourding to the current layout, it looks like we will be right next to the Yahoo booth. Cool.

    As long time members of Webmasterworld, we could not be happier to be involved as an exhibitor, and we look forward to exhibiting at WMW Pubcons in the years to come. What a kick to see the BOTW logo at the top of WMW – I find myself refreshing the page just to see the logo.

    If you are attending the conference, make sure that you drop by our booth. We plan on having conference-only promotions, prizes, and of course our t-shirts. If you haven’t decided yet, you should go. Webmasters can learn a ton, and marketers can network galore. We should have some conference passes for interested parties. Stay tuned to see how one may be yours…

    A Halloween Treat for All

    Every month or so, Best of the Web sends an email to opt-in members and reseller partners – offering special deals and opportunities to save on new directory submissions and sponsorship advertising. This month we are offering a $15 discount on all submission review fees and are calling it “The Halloween Special” (I know, I know, real original!).

    Thanks to the positive response and feedback from those involved with BOTW, we are happy to continually offer promotions of the sort. It’s great to see the buzz it generates from marketing firms, webmasters and site owners. Today, I found that one MarketingFan blogged about the Halloween special and shared the promo code for all to see!

    So I hope to see everyone continue to spread the word about the Best of the Web Directory. We certainly value your support. Be sure to check out the new banners for the 60 Day Free Online Advertising opportunity. Reseller partners will earn monthly recurring commissions on all referrals!

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