Clearing the Queue

Maintaining the quality and relevancy of the BOTW Directory is an ever growing task. Every listing added to the directory enhances the amount of quality control needed to remain the “best.” With hundreds and often thousands of sites added each day, it’s hard to imagine where we would be without the help of our editorial staff and the technology used to facilitate these processes.

I spent the other day manually validating a report generated by our proprietary “spider.” The spider crawls the entire BOTW Directory looking for any listings that might be problematic. If it finds a site that cannot be reached, or prompts an error message, or takes an exceptionally long time to load – the spider will flag the listing and spew out a report for us editors to take a look at. Each flagged listing is manually reviewed to make sure everything is OK or not. It’s a tedious process but its better than offering broken or expired listings. :-)

We also schedule an annual review for each site listed in the BOTW Directory. When a site is added to the directory it is assigned a date so that we can automatically queue it up for review one year later. This helps improve the relevancy of our listings as well as keeps the titles and descriptions fresh. Quite often I will find that a listing can be moved to a more relevant category or that the description is dated and could use a makeover.

Having the technology to perform some of these maintenance tasks has been a tremendous help. Editors are always encouraged to keep their categories clean and up-to-date but its also nice to take a more proactive approach when it comes to quality.

BOTW in the News

Tune into WebmasterRadio.FM tonight at 7PM eastern to listen to Part 2 of the Rainmaker interview with BOTW President, Greg Hartnett.

You can listen to Part 1 of the interview at the WebMasterRadio episode archives.

Tonight, SEGuru, Brandy, and Greg will discuss BOTW history, technology, products and services, and what the future holds for BOTW.

mo’ banners

With the recent launch of the 60 Day Free Trial Sponsorship, we decided to have some new banners created to help promote this one of a kind offer. I thought it would be helpful to upload a few of them for our readers and resellers to use. Feel free to save the banners and link them to Free Trial Page located at


Hot Adult Stars

We don’t spend all of our time building out Regional. There are some editors who take a keen interest in editing in the Adult branch. For better or for worse, Adult sites are part of the internet. And it is our job to properly categorize them.

Most recently, some Porn Star categories are starting to fill in nicely. For instance see:

Lily Thai

Brittney Skye

Jenna Jameson

Nikki Nova

View all Pornstars

More to come. (no pun intended)

Hot Cities

There are a handful of cities within BOTW that really stand out amongst the crowd. For one reason or another, an editor (or multiple editors) have really taken a shine to a particular city, and decided to make it a pet project.

Recently, I noticed that areas of Atlanta, Georgia had been built out very nicely by one of our newer editors. Additional cities that are on their way to becoming truly comprehensive include: New York City, Boston, Baltimore, London and Washington DC

In the months to come, look for an increased focus on Regional areas of editing. The Regional branch is tremendous, and the amount of work to be done is a bit overwhelming at times. Thankfully, there is a dedicated team behind the project, keeping the wheels turning.

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