Expanded Pricing Options

We ar ehappy to announce that as of yesterday, we have launched additional pricing options to our Directory Submission service. While we still offer the Express Sumit service at an annually-recurring fee, we also now offer one-time billing for webmasters who prefer a “pay-once” alternative.

Current pricing for BOTW Express Submit is as follows:

Annually Recurring Review Fee- $39.95 ($59.95 for adult sites)
One Time Review Fee – $99.95 ($149.95 for adult sites)

Of course, the submission process for non-commercial sites will continue to remain free of charge. Additionally, our team of editors continue to scour the web for the best sites, adding thousands and thousands of sites on a monthly basis – see everything that was added in June at the June What’s New archive.

For additional information on the commercial process, and the new pricing options, please see the Submit Site page.

Search Sponsors

Since the launch of our proprietary search a few months ago, one of our top priorities has been tweaking the algorithm in an effort to provide the highest quality directory search results. Granted, the product is still a work in progress, but we have made great strides. Currently, the search functionality queries the BOTW database for any results listed within the directory that match the users’ query. In the future we plan on an expanded search, but that is putting the cart before the horse a bit.

Yesterday, we unveiled the Search Sponsor feature. Simply, directory sponsors are presented for queries relating to a set of keywords matching their site. So for example, a search on “loans” returns organic directory listings in the main section, and the results to the right are supplied via the directory sponsors. We have gotten fantastic feedback on it thus far, and plan additional initiatives to drive relevant traffic to directory sponsors.

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You Like Nuggs?

We are asked once in a while about the fox. Who is that fox, what is he doing on the page?

The fox is Nuggs, and he is the directory mascot. Actually he serves a few purposes. First of all, he helps to bring a little life to the page. We understand that although we love her, looking at a directory is not the most exciting thing to look at. The pages are really content heavy (nice) and graphics light, so we decided from the beginning to have a mascot on each page that would add a bit of life to each page.

Secondly, it was a great way for our developers to express some creative talent. Writing code 15 hours a day can be a little tedious (so I hear).

Most importantly, Nuggs is the personification of the spirit of BOTW – smart, cunning, a little mischevious, definitely looking to mix it up. We try to always stay one step ahead, and it helps seeing the reminder.

We currently have only a couple hundred individual images, but it is on the agenda to arrange for additional creations. If you know of anybody that is willing/able to create additional images, of course let us know. We are always looking for good people.

RSS Feeds

We launched the addition of RSS a few weeks ago to the What’s New sections of BOTW.

It is a great way to keep in touch with what is being added to the directory. Instead of having to come back each day and check what we have added, simply choose the branch of the directory that you would like to keep up with, and add the syndication to your favorite feed reader.

We plan on adding additional RSS feeds throughout the directory. Stay tuned for further details.

Viva la BOTW Adult

I got an email today that concerned me, and prompted me to address here. A potential sponsor asked, “I am looking to sponsor a category in adult, but I notice that you no longer link from the main page. Are you going to remove the adult branch, or is it safe to sponsor a category?”

Though we have indeed removed the link to Adult from the directory index page, we have absolutely no plans to remove the Adult branch from the directory. As we have grown in size and visitor traffic, we have received more and more requests questioning the easy access to Adult content directly from the index page (plus quite a few requests to remove the Adult branch altogether). In an effort to maintain a comprehensive directory cataloging all types of information available online, we feel that Adult content DOES have a place in the Best of the Web directory. We do however agree that making the adult material a bit less conspicuous would be in everybody’s best interest.

So, the Adult branch is still around, and will continue to be around indefinitely. In fact, we have increased our marketing efforts for the Adult branch, and our adult traffic continues to grow month over month.

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